Supreme Squad

About SupremeSquad

Co-founders of SupremeSquad

Vincent Siderius

Sebastian Buurma

Are you guys seriously going to interview yourselves?

Yes, we are.

Okay then, who are you?

We are a coaching agency. We focus on high performance and our speciality is to help athletes reach a zone of optimal readiness to perform on top of their game. We do this through smart use of their emotions.

Do you do anything else?

Besides this specific niche, we also place this in a broader spectrum. That way we control as many variables as possible considering peak performance. We do this with the help of different psychological techniques.

Who do you work with?

We mainly work with ambitious athletes. However, if youโ€™re not an ambitious athlete that does not mean there is no place for you. There are vast areas of expertise in which we strive for peak performance and most techniques are well transferable into the creative and business worlds.

I heard you are also making a mobile app?

Yes! Helping one person at a time is a lot of fun, and we do it with our greatest devotion. But if you simply do the math the scope of people you can help is limited. The way we designed our method is so that it is scalable. If it all works out we can help a lot of people perform better and simultaneously increase their emotional intelligence.